X-list 150 x 100 cm

While doing my MFA at Central Saint Martins 2015-17, I experimented with different motives and styles of painting. These are a selection of some of them. Three paintings are trials with surface, gels and medias. Monkeys is exploring my fascination with the artist Muybridge. Nana is from a project of filling in the body outlines of my fellow students. X-list is from a series about creating something entirely new from the lists that dictate my life for me to remember to buy groceries, keep an appointment for coffee, etc. and finally Kopf and Blue branches are experiments with tape. 

Mickey 40 x 40 cm
Study 40 x 40 cm
And he was gone II, 130 x 130 cm
Monkeys 100 x 70 cm
Nana 100 x 70 cm
Kopf 25 x 35 cm
Blue branches 150 x 100 cm
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