Early work from my MFA study at Central Saint Martins 2015-2017. It’s a series of experiments from the university printing workshop, based on a screen print of a small monkey from an Arabic music video.  Screen print on A4 sugar paper with scrim, parchment, tape, thread, pencil, charcoal, fabric, fluorescent pigment, acrylic paint and a few other materials, joined in a Gif.

Part of Becoming are two collages on wooden board with acrylics, pencil, fabric and Serpentine tape. In 2015, architects from the Spanish company SelgasCano created the Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park and used a heavy tape, or ETFE sheets, to cover their structure. When they took down the work, I was there and collected discarded material. The wall pieces are screen printed scrim, acrylic paint, found plastic piece and tape on board.

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