You watch the news from the Middle East and see the ongoing destruction and you cant help but think Рwhat a waste of time and energy. I have used the flags of the region to explore the perpetual destruction and re-building that seems to be the present fate of the Middle East and I try to imagine what it would be like if that same time and energy had been focused on improving the conditions for the men, women and children who try to go about their life in that part of the world. 

Gif displaying 17 flags of the Middle East one after the other, inserted in green leaf pattern by Marianne Casmose
Gif displaying an erasing process in seven pictures that are inserted in a green leaf pattern by Marianne Casmose
Small painting of washed down colors showing the bare canvas by Marianne Casmose

The work are to Gif-files and a painting. Left the Gif displays evenly 17 Middle Eastern flags, one painted on top of the previous flag on a small canvas. The flags are from Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. In the middle, the Gif displays the few steps it takes to destroy the surface of the canvas. On the right the erased canvas.

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