everybody knows

This is a low-tech video, an audio-visual video duration 9:08 minutes and a comment to the ongoing debate about worldwide climate changes. It is structured after the principles of the ancient Greek dramas and as such includes a choir that comments on the story line.

I started this work in the beginning of 2018, thinking the theme was sad and scary and huge but as my research developed and particularly after reading some of the books written by the philosopher Timothy Morton, my outlook changed. Of course, we have to take care of the earth and everything on it, but talking wont do the trick when all we have to do is look at our own lives and take responsibility for our choices.


 The video work are the basis of a series of digital prints. Below EK1, a large format print on PVC (variable dimensions).


Ek2 to EK13 are examples of a series of digital prints on canvas mounted on 20 x 20 cm frames.

© Marianne Casmose