Trans-global-calling is an art collective founded at CSM in 2016 by Marianne Casmose (DK) & Pei-Fen Lee (TW). It considers spatial concerns internationally, randomness, time and how these elements shape modern life. Based on different cultural backgrounds and generations, Trans-global-calling is a communication between two artists and two cultural geo-locations — Denmark and Taiwan.

The project is based on still photos and videos from London, Berlin, New Orleans, Edinburgh, Saint Francisville, Taiwan, Glasgow and Copenhagen. During one summer, we shot a video once a week at the same date and time no matter where in the world we were.

Dailies/random photo: One photo shot every day at exactly the same time from 1st August to 31st August in opposite corners of the world. The work consists of three identical Gif-files running simultaneously at three different speeds – 0.1 second, 1 second and 10 seconds.

Random video project: One video once a week from July to September. We would stop what we were doing and film for one minute at the same date and at the same time. The nine videos of each artist have been edited to a one minute clip that are projected from opposite sides of a heavy plastic screen. Rhythm, screen texture and the changing colors make up a sculptural volume that fluctuates between the virtual and physical space.

Interval video project: One video once a week from July to September of our own choosing. The 18 interval videos have been edited to a single one minute work.

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